Noveks Marine 

Limited Company 

Operation terminals

Today the company "Noveks Marine LLC" is ranked among the Russia leading transportation and also operates shore storage tank leasing operators in the Baltics and southern ports of the black sea. The range represented by fuel from the best local producers, such as Yaroslavl refinery, "Lukoil-Perm Refinery», Kirishi refinery, Ufa Refinery Group. All fuel is certified and meets the highest quality standards. Storage of petroleum products is carried out in an approved tank "Noveks Marine LLC", and a large fleet of modern fuel trucks allows us to carry out delivery of fuel to customers the day of order.


Noveks Marine LLC performs the following operations and services within the limits of Russian territory and the Netherlands on the basis of contracts (agreements) with marine agents, freight owners, refineries and port authorities:


  • Loading-unloading operations of petroleum and oil cargo on the basis of the standard-pattern application. 

  • Storage Tank Leasing of Crude oil and refined oil products.

  • Transportation of Oil /Petroleum through Pipe Line. 

  • Freight Chartering

  • Shipping service agency.

  • Forwarding services.

  • Cargo Handling.

  • Supply vessels with the Regulation.






Noveks Marine LLC carries out deliver petroleum products with different size tanker vessel and use modern tanker trucks to handle transportation by road and sea. The company is strong and reliable partner for storage and transportation of petroleum products globally.


Rail transportation is one of the cheapest, most reliable and most convenient means of freight forwarding in terms of high volume cargoes shipped long distances. However, only the intervention of a competitive team of professionals can approve the effective and convenient solutions in handling, packaging and safe storage. 


Our storage tank facilities are situated in all Russia Port and also located in Rotterdam and Houston Port terminal with the total storage capacity of 5,840,000 m3 to be lease to respectful and capable customers for the use to store their petroleum product for a duration period.